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S-integrator is 100% LGPL. Integration software is, by its very nature, only as good as its ability to integrate as many different types of software and systems as possible, as well as possible. This includes integrating open source, proprietary and commercial software and systems. If S-integrator was licensed under the more far-reaching GPL, then integrating a single proprietary or commercial piece of software or system would require a commercial S-integrator license. By licensing under the LGPL, S-integrator can integrate all types of software and systems, from open source to proprietary and commercial, without necessarily requiring a commercial license. This approach benefits the user of S-integrator, and that is our primary objective.


S-integrator software is licensed under the LGPL license. Indigo Technology Partners offers a commercial license for those that wish to:

  • Include S-integrator or a part of S-integrator in a commercial or non-LGPL offering
  • Be free of the LGPL restrictions requiring derivative works to be reverse engineerable.
The LGPL allows the derivative work's author to set license terms freely, provided:
  • Modification for the customer's own use and reverse engineering for debugging such modifications are allowed;
  • The use of the library is properly mentioned; and
  • The library, including source code, is made available to the customer (in one of a number of specific ways);
  • The "unlinked" form of the program (the object file) is made available, so the user may link it to newer versions of the library.
Support, consulting and training are available from Indigo Technology Partners.

1. Free use for those who are 100% GPL

If your application is licensed under GPL or compatible OSI license approved by Indigo Technology Partners, you are free to ship any GPL software of Indigo Technology Partners with your application. By "application" we mean any type of software application, system, tool or utility. For doing this, you do not need a separate signed agreement with Indigo Technology Partners, because the LGPL text is sufficient.

2. Free use for those who never copy, modify or distribute

As long as you never distribute (internally or externally) the S-integrator Software in any way, you are free to use it for powering your application, irrespective of whether your application is under GPL or other OSI approved license or not. More specifically:

Modifying - You are allowed to modify S-integrator Software source code any way you like. If you distribute the modified version, all changes, all interface code and all code that connects directly or indirectly to the interface code fall under LGPL.

Copying - You are allowed to copy S-integrator binaries and source code, but when you do so, the copies will fall under the LGPL license.

3. Commercial use with LGPL waived

If your application is not licensed under GPL or compatible OSI license approved by Indigo Technology Partners, you intend to distribute S-integrator software internally or externally, and you want to waive the LGPL license restrictions, you must first obtain a commercial license to the S-integrator software in question. More specifically, if you want to waive the LGPL license restrictions and:

a) If you include the S-integrator server in your non-Open Source application, you need a commercial license for the S-integrator server

b) If you include one of the S-integrator adapters or services in your non-Open Source application (so that your application can run with S-integrator), you need a commercial license for the adapter(s) and/or service(s) in question. The S-integrator adapters currently include JDBC and HTTP adapters among others. The S-integrator services currently include System services for authentication, authorization, registration, content management, and scheduling among others.

c) If you use S-integrator Software within your organization and you don't want to risk it falling under the LGPL license, you are welcome to purchase a commercial license.

d) Many users opt for the commercial license simply because under it Indigo Technology Partners takes responsibility for its products. Under the LGPL license, there are no warranties or representations from the developer (i.e. from Indigo Technology Partners).

4. Exceptions and free commercial licenses

If you represent a non-profit organization or an academic institution, we recommend you to put your own application under GPL. Thereby you are free to use S-integrator software free of charge under the LGPL license. (if you have must not to go GPL, then you must purchase commercial licenses.) If you are a private individual you are free to use S-integrator software for your personal applications, as long as you do not distribute them. Please note that even if you ship a free demo version of your own application, the above rules apply.

5. Conclusion

To all commercial organizations we do recommend the commercial license. Not only does this free you from the requirements of the LGPL license, it also gives you a license letter from Indigo Technology Partners where we assume responsibility for our product. The LGPL license is an "as is" license with no warranties whatsoever. To all GPL/Open Source enthusiasts we do recommend our products under the LGPL license. So help yourself to the S-integrator server, adapters and services and feel the freedom of free software! To anyone in doubt, we recommend the commercial license. It is never wrong. Thanks to our cost-effective way of producing software, we are able to sell our commercial licenses at prices well under the industry average.

S-integrator Licenses

When a commercial non-LGPL S-integrator server license is required, you need a license per integration server (single installed S-integrator binary). There are no restrictions on the number of connections, number of CPUs, memory or disks to that one integration server. When a commercial non-LGPL S-integrator client license is required, you need a license per each installed application.

If you have any questions on S-integrator licensing, feel free to contact us. OSI = Open Source Initiative, www.opensource.org/licenses LGPL = Gnu Lesser General Public License, http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html GPL = Gnu General Public License, http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html

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